Welcome to Stillside, home of the Om Chair. Our mission is to make meditation easier and more accessible to everyone. Our furniture is made to hold you comfortably, effortlessly, to give you the support you need to slow down and find that calm still center.


Blog Posts

Why I Designed the Om Chair
https://youtu.be/B7RrSVN9Fr8 The Om Chair is my favorite meditation chair, and it was built for a specific reason. Have a look at the video to see how it came to life, …
Om Chair: Assembly & Unboxing
The Om Chair is the most comfortable and most beautiful meditation chair ever made. And what's even better, it's made for easy assembly. It takes about two minutes, for one …
Guided Meditation: Mindful Observation
https://youtu.be/G3nsCUvhTWY Today we're back with another entry in our series of guided meditations. Similar to our last video, we going to do a meditation that involves focusing on our senses. …

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